In generall it turns out to be quite difficult for private individual to sell there 2-horses horsebox of horsetruck for a good price. Hulshof Horsetrucks is offering the service to consign your horsetruck with us. We sell every year a vast number of horseboxes and horsetrucks, which results in a strong network and selling your truck in a short amount of time.

With years of experience in selling horsetrucks, our global network and the right (online) advertising channels, we are your partner in selling your horsetruck or horsebox. When you chose us as a partner in selling your, start with making a custom made plan which will be the most effective for your vehicle. For Hulshof Horsetrucks it’s really important to be as transparent as possible to keep the client informed during the whole process.

From beginning till the moment of selling, we are your partner for promotion and negotiating. Together with our experts we decide the price for your horsetruck and we will take care of part exchange vehicles.

Private sell

For some clients privacy and modesty are really important. They appreciate that their vehicle won’t be advertised in public. For those clients we have a special program, which we would like to bespoke with you personally.

When you would like to know more about these service, feel free to contact us.