We build together the horsetruck of your dreams

Not every 2-horses horsebox of horsetruck is the same. Clients have their own special wishes. To fillfull those special wishes you would choose to build a custom and tailor made horsebox. We have to possibilities to build 3.5T 2-horses horseboxes on a variety oh chassis manufactures and larger horsetrucks for multiple horses with or without luxury living department.

A request couldn’t be so specific or unique to not fulfil. We have for every single situation the right solution. We base all off our truck on the same three pillars; safety, comfort and design. The you and your horse are sure that have the right choose of transport vehicle with fits at your specific situation

Togehter with our clients we will talk about all the posibillities and wishes they have. This results in a list with specific points to fulfil, because not a single situation is the same. Together we build the perfect horsebox which fits the best in your situation.

Would like to know more about a custom made or tailor made horsebox? Feel free to contact us.