Horsetrucks Specials

A completely custom built horse truck entirely according to your own wishes. Not every standard horse truck meets the wishes of you as a customer. To meet your needs, Hulshof Horsetrucks offers you the possibility to opt for new build and custom-made horse trucks. Think of slide-outs to increase the volume of the living room or pop-ups to create an extra spacious sleeping place.


Premium living room with every luxury

A request cannot be special or unique enough for us. The experts of Hulshof Horsetrucks will come to a suitable solution in consultation with you, which meets the wishes of you as a customer. The basis of every horse truck is: safety, comfort and appearance. In this way you and your horses are assured of the most optimal means of transport, suitable for your specific situation.

In consultation with the customer, we discuss all options and wishes in the field of interior and exterior, in order to ultimately build the horse truck that meets all the customer's wishes. Since no two situations are the same, it can be a real robust horse truck or a car that is equipped with all the luxury, exclusivity and comfort. Hulshof Horsetrucks thinks along with you to arrive at your optimal horse truck together.

Would you like additional information or are you curious about the possibilities at Hulshof Horsetrucks? Please feel free to contact us or view our current stock to get a first impression of the different models and options.