Iveco horsebox 2-horses pro-safety handover!

This week we were able to deliver this beautiful Iveco horsebox 2-horses pro-safety / stallion version. One of the first Iveco New Daily horsetrucks in Europe!

This model horse truck with the chassis of Iveco is distinctive in many ways. In this way, the appearance and design seamlessly match the exclusivity of our superstructure. This delivered model is equipped with an 8-speed automatic transmission and can pull no less than 3500 kg. This horse truck is VLD approved especially for transporting horses / ponies longer than 8 hours.

The pro-safety / stallion version is equipped with a high closed partition with closed doors at the front. This limits a lot of risks. For example, the (young) horses can now no longer jump over a possible chest beam and mutual contact between both horses is still limited. This results in a calmer transport and your horses arrive at their destination more relaxed. As an extra option, there is also the possibility to move the partition and create a larger space / box. Ideal for transporting a mare and foal!

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