Lease your horsetruck

Hulshof Horsetrucks are different leasing possibilities. You can choose between a new of second horsetruck. If you choose for a second hand truck, you choose for truck which has had the first depreciation. This results in lower month term.

An other pro of leasing are the financial benefits for it. You can reclaim the tax by the tax authorities. You can also use the interest and depreciation costs that are tax deductible

Hulshof Horsetrucks can advice you in leasing and hire purchase. And offer you a tailor made solution. You can choose for an additional down payment, closing period and lease term.

At the moment we only offer leasing for the Dutch and German market. But we are happy to help you prepare the lease with your chosen lease company.

Do you have more questions about the possibilities of leasing or a would like to have a lease proposal? Contact us and tell us your wishes.